WMO Buletin 68 (2)

We have just received our print copy of the latest World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Bulletin Volume 68 (2) – 2019. This issue discusses topics such as WMO 2030 Vision; climate services, greenhouse gases; climate change; early warning and coastal inundation.


WMO Bulletin 68 (2) - 2019
WMO Bulletin 68 (2) – 2019



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WMO Bulletin 66 2 – 2017

The journal of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the WMO Bulletin Volume 66 Issue 2 for 2017 is now available for loan.

This issue discusses sustainable development goals, water management, disaster risk, early warning systems, climate forecasting, wind energy, as well as, other relevant topics related to weather, water and climate.


Cover of WMO Bulletin 66 2
Cover of WMO Bulletin 66 2

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Reference Texts Within the Library

For those of you who may not be familiar with some of the titles in the library, I have decided to create a digital display, similar to the ones seen in public libraries, in order to get persons acquainted with certain texts and build interest.

Hope to see you soon and enjoy the “book candy” since there is much more where those came from.

P.S. Clicking on the image gallery below opens up a slideshow to help one with reading the titles more clearly




WMO Annual Report – 2016 Highlights

We have just received a print copy of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Annual Report (WMO No. 1190) which provides highlights for 2016.

Topics discussed include earth observation, data processing, forecasts systems, weather services, climate observations, flash flood guidance, global hydrological status, disaster risks reduction, ocean monitoring,development goals and drought.

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WMO Annual Report 2016 Highlights

WMO Bulletin Volume 66 Issue 1 2017

Persons can now view the digital version of the WMO Bulletin Volume 66 Issue 1, 2017.

This issue presents information on topics such as the International Cloud Atlas, clouds and climate, climate science, weather modification, global carbon budget, greenhouse gas information system, hydrological research, Rain Enhancement Programme,  as well as, probabilistic forecasting.

Plus, one can also view some amazing photographs from the winners of the WMO Calendar Competition.


WMO Bulletin Vol 66 1
WMO Bulletin Volume 66 Issue 1 2017

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WMO Bulletin Volume 65 No. 1 2016

The newest issue of the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) Bulletin Volume 65 Issue 1 is now available in digital format.

Articles presented in this issue discuss topics such as World Meteorological Day 2016, sustainable development, disaster displacement and climate change, climate predictability and early warning systems among other related topics.

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WMO Bulletin Vol. 65 Issue 1

Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography (7th ed.) – Robert W. Christopherson

This text introduces persons to the topic of physical geography, integrating the latest research in the field. In every chapter of this textbook one can find information on updated sciences and  URLs to assist with their understanding. At the end of each chapter, one may also find a Critical Thinking section to encourage one to take the next step in the learning process.

This text is highly interactive and visual featuring more than 550 photographs, 125 remote-sensing images from various orbital platforms, 265 maps and more than 400 illustrations to locate and explain concepts.

The main goal of this discipline, i.e. physical geography, is to explain the spatial dimension of Earth’s dynamic systems, such as its energy, air, water, weather, climate, tectonics, landforms, rocks, soils, plants, ecosystems and biomes, using the latest in satellite imagery and statistics.

This document also contains a Student Animation CD, which contains 67 animations of key text figures and concepts, with self-tests, 18 satellite loops and 9 items in a World Map Reference library.

Persons, with a new copy of this document, also have full access to the book’s Student Learning Center, which is a 24/7 study tool with review exercises, web destinations and other features designed to allow persons to maximize their study time.

Although there are newer editions to this text one may still find it highly informative and useful.

Geosystems Seventh Edition - Robert W. Christopherson
Geosystems Seventh Edition – Robert W. Christopherson

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