Water Policy – December 2019

We have just received our print copy of the Water Policy journal for December 2019 Volume 21 Supplement 1, the official journal of the World Water Council published by IWA Publishing.

This issue focuses on topics such as water governance, water tariff structures, water supply, water vending markets and groundwater.


Water Policy Journal December 2019
Water Policy Journal Volume 21 Supplement 1 December 2019

Persons wishing to view this journal can send me an email or visit me at my desk.

Some Plans to Reverse Climate Change Could Double Water Use

In recent research, noted in an article published by Jesse Kathan in the Eos Earth and Space Science Magazine on January 30 2020,  it has been noted that plans for full-scale negative emissions technologies can impact land, water and energy use on a global scale.

Click on the link below to access the full article.


Source: Some Plans to Reverse Climate Change Could Double Water Use

Books Recently Circulated

Just an update to provide persons with details of what staff members have been reading of late. Please see the listing below:

  1. Groundwater Annual Data Report 2003-2006
  2. Annual Data Report 2007-2008
  3. National Report on Integrating the Management of Watersheds and Coastal Areas in Trinidad and Tobago – March 2001
  4. Guidelines for Preparation of Integrated Watershed Management Plans with Special Reference to Northern Range Trinidad
  5. Water Resources Management Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago – Final Report – Annex 7 – Watershed Management
  6. Surface Water Report 1978 & 1979
  7. Surface Water Report 1994
  8. Training Manual for Water Use Efficiency in the Agriculture Sector – October 2011 (GWP-C)