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Extreme Precipitation Expected to Increase with Warming Planet

In a recent article by David Shultz, published in the Earth and Space Science News magazine on the 11th June, 2019,  he discusses a study put forward by Papalexiou and Montanari  in the Water Resources Research Journal, which notes that extreme precipitation is … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at Turbulent Transport in Gravel Streambeds

A recent post by Sarah Stanley, published in the EOS Earth, Space and Science News magazine online, highlights a research article from the Water Resources Research Journal, which focuses on the influence of turbulence on the exchange of nutrients within … Continue reading

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How Drought Plays Out

In the article below, Emily Underwood, discusses research by Apurv et al, published in the Water Resource Research journal, which looks at the various types of droughts, as well as, how different annual rainfall patterns impacted on one’s water usage, … Continue reading

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Celebrating World Water Day with WILEY

In celebration of World Water Day 2017, John Wiley and Sons has made available wastewater related articles  due to this year’s theme being “wastewater”. As such persons can view articles online and download PDFs, from relevant journals such as Water Resources … Continue reading

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Journal Subscriptions to Be Renewed

On the request of management, several journal subscriptions, have been submitted so that their subscriptions would be renewed.  Quotations have already been sourced from the publishers and submitted for approval, and we are currently awaiting news on whether they would be … Continue reading

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