Donate in Honor of Dad

This Father’s Day you can change the lives of others by making a donation in honor of your father to provide persons with safe drinking water.

Follow the directions below to make your donation through Donate
Happy Fathers Day
Celebrate a dad who changed your world by giving the gift of safe water in his honor. Your gift will empower another dad to change his family’s world too.
Donate in honor of someone for Fathers Day
Donate in honor of dad 

The Issue of Gender and Water

Within our own private circle, it is sometimes difficult to think how an issue may exist for someone else. One such issue, which is currently being considered by private organizations and agencies is the fact that accessing water is a gender issue, which negatively impacts women, for many cultures.

In a recent story, Sew Much Better Now,  provided by, we see how one woman was unable to provide sufficiently for her family, since much of her time was spent in sourcing water for her family.

I hope that the above story will allow many more persons to understand the issue of gender and water, and be able to make a difference in some way even if they have to donate through to do so.


10 million…

Ten (10) million (let’s let that number soak in a little bit)…ten (10) million people, i.e. now have access to safe water and sanitation through the work of and the many who have contributed to their cause.

To get an idea of the numbers reached, as well as, to meet ten of the ten million people who have been able to access safe water and sanitation follow the 10 million link.

Persons interested in donating to the cause can just click on donate to be redirected to the relevant page.


Celebrate World Toilet Day Through Giving

We all know the importance of having proper sanitation and how improper sanitation can lead to a contaminated water supply and the spread of harmful diseases.

World Toilet Day would be on November 19 and in order to celebrate this is inviting persons to spread the word in order to get donations to improve the lives of millions.

Statistics show that more than 2.3 billion people have no place to go. Don’t miss your opportunity to help change this. Donate today, and empower more people to give their families safe, private toilets at home.

Donate To

You can even give a toilet from your smartphone with the sit and give initiative.  With more people in the world having access to a mobile phone than a toilet you can use yours to sit and give today.

Donate online at and change a life with a toilet.

You can even read up on how one family’s life was changed with just a small loan.

Water, Sanitation and Matt Damon

I don’t know about everybody else but I really love movies and some actors I just find really amazing. One actor I really love to watch on screen is Matt Damon, since he’s so dedicated to his role and seems like an overall nice guy.

Yet, I wonder how many of you know about his mission to promote safe water and sanitation on a global scale.

He, together with, Garry White, engineer and social entrepreneur have co-founded, where they have been able to assist 5.5 million people to date, with an expected 2.5 million people for 2017.

With “1.8 billion people globally using a source of drinking water that is fecally contaminated” and “2.4 billion people lacking an access to basic sanitation services such as toilets and latrines” (source: United Nations) such an endeavor is definitely needed.

Persons wishing to learn more about, and even donate to a worthy cause, can visit their website.