Drawing the Short Straw

With much evidence, highlighting the mass levels of plastic waste, that are polluting water ways (which means additional water treatment costs), and the fact that they eventually end up in the ocean, harming marine wildlife, the article below by Janice Kaspersen, published February 27, 2018, highlights the ban of drinking straws in the United States and other countries.

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Trash Girl

In the article below by Arturo Santiago, published February 28, 2018, for MSW Management, the journal of municipal solid waste management professionals, he looks at one  twelve year old girl, who makes it her business to pick up the trash along the 2 mile route to school, despite being bullied by her peers. Follow the link below to read the article and make your comments.

‘Trash Girl”

When I tell friends who are unfamiliar with the waste universe that I’m the editor of MSW Management, most of them ask, “What does MSW stand for?” Of course I would answer, municipal solid waste, and go on to explain that…

“Trash?” the friend would interrupt in a pious and ignorant manner.

Yes, trash. But what most people don’t realize is that there are entire industries dedicated to…

“Do you have to go to the dump to find stories?” the friend would snicker.

The teasing doesn’t bother me because number one, I’m an adult, and two, I realize the importance of waste management in civil society.

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Forthcoming Title from IWA

The International Water Association has just informed me about one of their forthcoming titles -: “Handbook of Environmental Odour” edited by Franz-Bernd Frechen et al.

Handbook of Environmental Odour Management


This text which comprises of 450 pages would be especially helpful due to instances whereby industries such as  wastewater treatment, waste management, landfills, intensive livestock and other notable industries have been established in closer proximity to residents, therefore creating a nuisance to one’s community. As such this text would be an invaluable tool in terms of integrated odour impact management approaches and alleviating such a problem and maintaining a positive relationship with community members.

More information on this document is available at Handbook of Environmental Odour Management.