World Water Day 2018

With World Water Day 2018 fast approaching (March 22 2018), this year’s theme “Nature for Water” would highlight ways in which nature can be used to solve water-based challenges in the 21st century through nature-based solutions.

Do any ideas come to mind on how your organization can take action? Have you started planning for the big day?

Whether or not plans are already being put in place, one can go to the World Water Day 2018 homepage to read stories, get inspired, organize events using resources from the website or even to communicate with others in the global community.


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World Water Day – March 22 2017

With the month of March upon us, World Water Day is fast approaching, with many activities already planned for areas across the country.  With the theme of “Wastewater” it is hoped that more persons will practice water conservation and aid in the sustainability of such a valuable resource as “Water”.

With that in mind I will just like to post one of the World Water Day posters in order to gear up excitement for the big day. Let’s hope many of you will take part in the activities planned and continue to do your part in ensuring that there is “water for all”. Also I have included the Fact Sheet World Water Day 2017 to provide some more information on global water issues, as well as, some examples of wastewater reuse.

World Water Day 2017