Bringing Climate Projections Down to Size for Water Managers

In the article below, by Kimberly M.S. Cartier, published in the EOS Earth and Space Science News magazine on July 26, 2019, one looks at a project with the potential of making global climate change projections more relevant for water resources managers in terms of watershed-scale predictions.

Source: Bringing Climate Projections Down to Size for Water Managers

Water Well Journal – August 2019

The digital copy of the Water Well Journal (August 2019) from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is now available for perusal.

This issue discusses topics such as reverse circulation drilling; technology and its benefits for agricultural systems; irrigation fundamentals; foot protection and shoe selection; recognition of staff achievement and upcoming events.

Water Well Journal August 2019
Water Well Journal August 2019

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Earth & Space Science News May 2019

In this issue of EOS Earth & Space Science News magazine (Vol. 100 No. 5) , topics highlighted include the devastating effects of ocean warming in the Gulf of Maine, ocean science and how the use of technology and modeling capabilities can improve one’s understanding of the ocean’s ecosystem,  tsunami preparedness and the development of risk reduction programmes for the Caribbean region, as well as, identifying uncertainties in climate models and meteorological culprits of strange and deadly floods.

EOS Earth and Space Science News May 2019
Cover of Earth and Space Science News May 2019

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Pastoralists rely on satellites to search for water

With the advancement of climate change, many countries suffer frequent and longer drought conditions.  Yet, technology and relevant tools are able to make a difference. For example, in the article linked below, from UN Environment , nomadic herders in Sahel rely on satellite imaging, together with, necessary partnerships, to make positive changes in the search for water.

In the Sahel, pastoralists rely on satellites to search for water

Smart Water Management

Water is a necessary resource and can often be described as life itself, since without water persons will not be able to survive. Yet, while such a resource is needed and is mainly provided by water management utilities, such organizations can employ technology and smart techniques to ensure smooth operations, which overall can lead to lower operational costs.

In a recent article published by Daniel P. Duffy, on 11 September, 2018, he highlights the basis of smart water management, such as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technologies and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems, and highlights what this entails and some relevant suppliers of the technology.

One can read the full article by clicking on the following link Intelligent Water Management

Water Policy Journal – April 2018

We have just received our print copy of the Water Policy Journal Volume 20 Issue 2 for April 2018 from IWA Publishing.


Water Policy Journal April 2018
Water Policy Journal Volume 20 Issue 2

Topics highlighted via research articles and case studies, in this issue, include climate change, water availability, cultural water in Australia, water governance, decentralization, water quality, ecological flow, and drought disaster risk, as well as, details of an Erratum for Water Policy Volume 19 Issue 5 pg 867-885.

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Listening for Leaks

We all know how awful non-revenue water loss is, with customers and the utility experiencing little benefits from water lost through leaks, since it is a precious commodity needed by customers, as well as, the service which the utility is charged to provide.

In the article highlighted below, published by Lori Lovely on February 21, 2018, under the topic of  water in Forester Daily News, as well as, in the Water Efficiency magazine, by Forester Media, one gets detailed information on acoustic leak detection.

Acoustic Leak Detection-
The latest developments to assist in listening for leaks

Leaks are money, states Eric Stacey, product manager for advanced leak detection solutions at Echologics. Money not just down the drain, but right out the drain! Lost water involves costs for treatment and conveyance that never result in revenue, and further expense is incurred in leak detection and pipeline repair.

You can read the rest of the article here, as well as, leave your comments on the topic.