Water Well Journal June 2019

We have just received our digital copy of the Water Well Journal (Volume 73 No. 6) for June 2019.

In this issue the main topic of focus is on safety since June is National Safety Month. As such, topics highlighted include safety training on a budget, safety and travelling long distance, as well as, a look at substance abuse in the workplace, safety around electricity, and how to future proof your business.

In this issue a comprehensive buyers guide is also presented detailing products and services needed in the groundwater industry, together with, other National Ground Water Association news.

Water Well Journal June 2019
Cover of Water Well Journal June 2019

Persons wishing to view this issue can send me an email.

Water Well Journal May 2018

We have just received our digital copy of the Water Well Journal (Vol. 72 Issue 5) for May 2018 from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

This issue focuses Groundwater and Irrigation in terms of topics such as irrigation system design, data, small water systems, safety plan developments, groundwater disinfection and NGWA news.


Water Well Journal - May 2018
Water Well Journal – May 2018

Safe Practice in the Groundwater Industry: An NGWA Certificate Program (#1014)

Course overview​

​This NGWA online, on-demand certificate program addresses ways to improve safety in the workplace.

Historically there are three major loss areas in the groundwater industry:

  • Materials handling
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Electrocution/electrical hazards.

This course addresses these three specific areas with the intent to:

  • Inform employees of the hazards
  • Increase awareness of the hazards
  • Provide guidance on immediate actions to mitigate threats to safety.

Who will benefit from taking this course?

  • Field technicians
  • Geothermal contractors
  • Pump installation contractors
  • Safety officers
  • Site managers
  • Water well drilling contractors
  • Water well suppliers.

Earning a certificate

When enrollees have completed all of the lessons, they will be able to take a 25-question test. Those who pass the test can then download their certificate. The entire process, including the test, takes approximately three hours.

The cost of this online course is $99 US dollars (for members) and $149 US dollars for non-members.

Persons interested in this course can follow the link to register and get more information in terms of presenters, course outline and other relevant course information.

Celebrate World Toilet Day Through Giving

We all know the importance of having proper sanitation and how improper sanitation can lead to a contaminated water supply and the spread of harmful diseases.

World Toilet Day would be on November 19 and in order to celebrate this Water.org is inviting persons to spread the word in order to get donations to improve the lives of millions.

Statistics show that more than 2.3 billion people have no place to go. Don’t miss your opportunity to help Water.org change this. Donate today, and empower more people to give their families safe, private toilets at home.

Donate To Toilet.org

You can even give a toilet from your smartphone with the sit and give initiative.  With more people in the world having access to a mobile phone than a toilet you can use yours to sit and give today.

Donate online at Water.org and change a life with a toilet.

You can even read up on how one family’s life was changed with just a small loan.

A Guide to Beaches and Bays of Trinidad and Tobago 2nd ed.

I am doing my happy dance and if you guys know me that’s because we just got a glossy, new book that has been on my wishlist for months, thanks to two of our colleagues who attended the Institute of Marine Affairs’ Community Research Symposium, which was held at the BPTT/Mayaro Resource Centre on the 20th September, 2017. Thanks again guys, love getting books to add to our collection. I am going to enjoy cataloguing this book so much.

This guidebook which contains app. 104 pages, as well as, a bibliography and relevant appendices, provides a wealth of information, covering coastal zones in both Trinidad and Tobago, that really allows one to appreciate the beaches and bays of the our country, as well as, the natural flora and fauna.


Image showing the cover of “A Guide to Beaches and Bays of Trinidad and Tobago – 2nd ed.

Persons wishing to view this book can visit me at my desk or send me an email.

Water Well Journal – July 2017

We have just received our digital copy of the Water Well Journal for July 2017.  This issue discusses topics such as well rehabilitation and chemicals, well efficiency and fluid mechanics, water quality, engineering water systems, conversing with customers, benefits of ongoing training, pump rehabilitation and safety matters in relation to types of safety gloves used.

Water Well Journal - July 2017
Water Well Journal – July 2017

Persons wishing to view a copy of this journal can email me or visit me at my desk. Happy reading guys 🙂

Water Well Journal – May 2017

We have received our May 2017 issue of the Water Well Journal (Volume 71 Issue 5) from the National Groundwater Association (NGWA) which focuses on irrigation and groundwater. This issue presents a  variety of articles discussing topics such as water resources and irrigation, water balance, food production, variable frequency drives (VFDs), safety measures for workers and managing employee performance.

Water Well Journal (Volume 71 Issue 5) - May 2017
Water Well Journal (Volume 71 Issue 5) May 2017


Persons wishing  to view this issue can email me or visit me at my desk. Happy reading guys! 🙂