Earth and Space Science News – July 2019

The EOS Earth and Space Science News magazine (Volume 100 Issue 7) for July 2019 is now available for perusal.

This issue looks at topics such as Apollo’s legacy, lunar geology, robots underground and flood, earthquakes, climate geoengineering, river flow and dams, and climate change.

Cover of EOS Earth and Space Science News - July 2019
Cover of EOS Earth and Space Science News – July 2019

Persons wishing to view this issue can email me or visit me at my desk.


Technology That Targets Leaks

Leaks are often a major problem in the water industry since having a leak means that a valuable resource: water is being wasted, and customers’ will not get their regular supply of potable water, as well as, the fact that the surrounding infrastructure will be hampered.

However, in a recent article by Laura Sanchez, in the editor’s blog of the Water Efficiency Magazine, she looks at a robot designed by mechanical engineer You Wu, which is able to detect leaks in pipes even before they have become large enough to be noticed by customers and employees within the water sector, thus ensuring that the problem can be solved sooner rather than later.

“Daisy” as the robot is called also links to mapping software which would allow engineers to know exactly where the leaks are, in order to not to make any costly mistakes.

To read the entire article and make comments you can click on the following linkĀ There’s A Robot in Your Pipes…And its Wearing a Skirt