The Case for Extended Hydrologic Prediction Services for Improved Water Resource Management

Case studies are key sources of information since they allow us to highlight possible trends and possible solutions to problems within water resources management. For instance, our country has been experiencing longer dry seasons and dry rainy seasons, which impact negatively on the urban water supply.

According to the ODPM,  a drought is defined as ” an extended period of time, usually months or years, during which levels of precipitation experienced in a particular region are significantly below the climatic norm.” (2013)

In the past Trinidad and Tobago has also experienced a severe form of this naturally occurring phenomenon, for example “in the last three months of 2009 extending into the first quarter of 2010.” (ODPM, 2013)

Though our situation may not be regarded as severe presently, in certain parts of Australia, they have been experiencing prolonged periods of drought and a general variability in hydrologic conditions which have impacted on the management of their water resources.

To read more about this case study  and their solutions as provided in WMO Bulletin Volume 64 Issue 1, 2015 please click on the link below:

The Case for Extended Hydrologic Prediction Services for Improved Water Resource Management.

Article on Adopt a River Programme

Many of you may have already heard on the office grapevine, that our very own Mr. Samm and Mr. Gosine have been interviewed on the Adopt a River programme, which has seen great success, as a means for helping persons take an active role in the quality of the water supply and our recreational areas.

If you haven’t read the article as yet, please click on the link below and enjoy 🙂

Young People Lend a Hand to Trinidad’s Ailing Watersheds by Jewel Fraser (IPS)