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Will Cape Town Escape Its Water-Starved Fate?

I am sure by now many of you are aware of the major water crisis facing Cape Town, South Africa, as a result of dwindling water levels in their reservoirs and an increase in water demand. The article below by … Continue reading

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Mapping the Topographic Fingerprints of Humanity Across Earth – EOS

By Paolo Tarolli, Giulia Sofia, and Erle Ellis If increasingly globalized societies are to make better land management decisions, the geosciences must globally evaluate how humans are reshaping Earth’s surface Since geologic time began, Earth’s surface has been evolving through … Continue reading

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Environmental Ethics – Readings in Theory and Application – Fifth Edition

From time to time I would be highlighting texts in our library so that members of staff can  have an idea of the type of books that we house. Today I would like to highlight Environmental Ethics – Readings in Theory … Continue reading

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