Earth and Space Science News (EOS) December 2018

The Earth and Space Science News digital magazine from the American Geophysical Union (AGU), for December 2018, is now available for your perusal. This issue focuses on climate change, air pollution, plastic pollution, flood risks, modeling natural disasters and the development of policies.

Cover of Earth and Space Science News (Vol. 99 Issue 12)
Cover of Earth and Space Science News (Vol. 99 Issue 12)


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Creating Awareness of Beating Plastic Pollution

In the article linked below, we see that one man, Ben Morison, has taken on the challenge of becoming a change agent, in terms of making persons see that plastic pollution can be remodeled and reused in developing areas, without the need for high tech technologies. This was done by building  the FlipFlopi dhow, with volunteers using ten tonnes of recycled plastic, which was sourced from the beaches of Lamu , as well as, from the streets of Nairobi, Malindi and Mombasa.

One can read about Ben Morison and his team’s accomplishment and  their future initiatives by clicking the link Flamboyant Flipflopi Dhow Seeks Sea Change – How we view plastic