Listening for Leaks

We all know how awful non-revenue water loss is, with customers and the utility experiencing little benefits from water lost through leaks, since it is a precious commodity needed by customers, as well as, the service which the utility is charged to provide.

In the article highlighted below, published by Lori Lovely on February 21, 2018, under the topic of  water in Forester Daily News, as well as, in the Water Efficiency magazine, by Forester Media, one gets detailed information on acoustic leak detection.

Acoustic Leak Detection-
The latest developments to assist in listening for leaks

Leaks are money, states Eric Stacey, product manager for advanced leak detection solutions at Echologics. Money not just down the drain, but right out the drain! Lost water involves costs for treatment and conveyance that never result in revenue, and further expense is incurred in leak detection and pipeline repair.

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