2018 Emerging River Professional Award Winner: José Fernández

José Fernández from Peru was the winner of the 2018 Emerging River Professional Award (ERPA). The prize was awarded to Jose by the OceanaGold Corporation.

Currently, he is working as an Environmental Specialist for the Water Fund for Lima and Callao (AQUAFONDO) and is responsible for the management and conservation of water resources. He has been leading a project to develop an integrated water management system in the local community of San Pedro de Casta, Lima Peru. Congratulations José on your achievement.

Jose Fernandez - 2018 Emerging River Professional Award Winner
Jose Fernandez – 2018 Emerging River Professional Award Winner

WMO Bulletin 67 (1) – 2018

The World Meteorological Organization has made available a special issue of the WMO Bulletin 67 (1) on water.

Topics covered in this issue includes water security, climate change, international framework, hydrological information, sustainable planning, watershed management, hydrology distance learning, flood forecasting, IWRM, integrated flood management and much more.

Persons wishing to view this issue can email me, visit me at my desk or access it via the link.

P.S. I do hope each of us can celebrate World Water Day (March 22, 2018) by focusing on nature and how nature can be used to remedy water challenges, both locally and internationally.

Cover of WMO Bulletin Volume 67 Issue 1 2018
Cover of WMO Bulletin Volume 67 Issue 1 2018


Reference Texts Within the Library

For those of you who may not be familiar with some of the titles in the library, I have decided to create a digital display, similar to the ones seen in public libraries, in order to get persons acquainted with certain texts and build interest.

Hope to see you soon and enjoy the “book candy” since there is much more where those came from.

P.S. Clicking on the image gallery below opens up a slideshow to help one with reading the titles more clearly




Books Catalogued from the IWRM Research Symposium

As promised I have catalogued documents received at the recent Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) research symposium, held on July 15-16 2015. These documents are fairly recent and so they provide valuable information in terms of urban water, sanitation, IWRM, IWRM in the Caribbean, Small Island Developing States, risk management and water financing and governance.

For details, please see the list below:

  1.  Water Financing and Governance – Judith A. Rees, James Win Penny and Alan W. Hall, Global Water Partnership (April, 2008)
  2. Risk and Integrated Water Management – Judith A. Rees, Global Water Partnership (August, 2002)
  3. Integrated water resources management in the Caribbean: The challenges facing Small Island Developing States – Adrian Cashman et al., Global Water Partnership, (2014)
  4. Urban Water and Sanitation Services; An IWRM Approach –  Judith A. Rees, Global Water Partnership (2006)
Integrated Water Resources Mangement in the Caribbean - GWP
Integrated Water Resources Mangement in the Caribbean – GWP
Water Financing and Governance - GWP
Water Financing and Governance – GWP

For those of you interested in checking out any of these documents, feel free to send me an email or check me at my desk. 🙂


At the second day of the Integrated Water Resources Research Symposium, I was able to visit the booths set up by ODPM and Global Water Partnership Caribbean (GWP-C).

After a very interesting video on rainwater harvesting by GWP-C, I was very interested in visiting the booth to view what they had to offer. Imagine my glee when I saw they were distributing a unique flashdrive, similar to the one given at the symposium by the organizers, with loads of information.

GWP- C Flash drive
GWP- C Flash drive

Thus, since that information is now available to me, members of staff would now be able to access the information to satisfy their information requests.

To gather an idea of the documents now available persons may peruse the list provided below:

  1. Climate Change and the Caribbean: A Regional Framework for Achieving Development
    Resilient to Climate Change (2009-2015) – Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) – July 2009
  2. Delivering Transformational Change 2011-21 – Implementing the CARICOM ‘Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change’ – March 2012 – Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)
  3. Regional Framework Executive Summary – ‘Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change’ – March 2012 – Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)
  4. Sustainability of Integrated Water Resources Management Initiatives in the Caribbean – 2015 -GWP-C
  5. Technical Focus Paper -Integrated water resources management in the Caribbean:The challenges facing Small Island Developing States – 2014 – GWP-C (available in print as well)
  6. Commercial Scale RWH Case Studies from the Barbados Experience – by Andrew P. Hutchinson – October, 2014
  7. Water safety and Rainwater Harvesting – Dr. Christopher Cox- October, 2014
  8. An Overview of Rainwater Harvesting Initiatives in Agriculture – L.M Fletcher-Paul – FAO
  9. GWP-C Rainwater Harvesting initiatives and the GWP-C Water Climate and Development Programme(WACDEP) – Natalie Boodram
  10. The U.S. Virgin Islands Water Harvesting Experience – Henry H. Smith
  11. Rainwater Harvesting in the Mediterranean Islands: cases and lessons learned – Konstantina Toli
  12. Rainwater harversting projects in Central America – Marta Cecilia Estrada and Rhona Díaz
  13. Rainwater Harvesting in the Amazon – (GPAC Amazon)
  14. Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change:A Sourcebook for the Caribbean Water Sector – GWP-C- 2014
  15. Water Security and Climate Resilient Development – Technical Background Document AMCOW – 2012
  16. South-South Learning Event on Water Security and Climate Resilient Development Collaboration between Global Water Partnership Africa and Caribbean Regions – GWP-C and GWP – Africa

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Research Symposium Feedback

Well for many of you who were unable to attend the first annual IWRM research symposium, I must say that you missed out quite a bit.

As previously mentioned the symposium presented information under topics such as hydrology, meteorology, water and the environment, water quality, heath, water supply and water and governance. Thus, there was a wide scope of information ranging from topics such as rainwater harvesting, water quality in the Ortoire River, marine pollution, ambient water quality, water quality guidelines, water scarcity, water poverty index, to disaster preparedness, land use planning, freshwater quality and rainfall variability.

I must say I am very proud of my colleagues who presented, and I am looking forward to receiving the relevant documents to catalogue and to house them in the library.

The symposium was the perfect place to network and meet other persons in the field of water resources management, as well as, a means for knowledge sharing. One of the topics presented in the morning session on Thursday, was drought management, which highlighted the probability of drought in our country, as well as, means through which it can be effectively managed. Thus, I hope you all can see the importance of  my previous post on drought management in Australia from the World Meteorological Organization and why we should all be sourcing reliable information on the topic.

I was also very pleased to get some documents from the Global Water Partnership Carribbean (GWP-C). I will update you on these as soon as they are catalogued and added to the libraries collection in a later post. For persons interested in sourcing information on the IWRM  research symposium such as the book of abstracts, the agenda, the Adopt a River booklet, as well as, the National Integrated Water Resources Management policy (2005), available both in digital and print, by the Water Resources Management Unit of the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Environment, you can either send me an email or pass by my desk.

IWRM Research Symposium July 15-16 2015 - Book of Abstracts
IWRM Research Symposium July 15-16 2015 – Book of Abstracts

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Research Symposium

So the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Research Symposium hosted by the IWRM Stakeholder Forum is quickly approaching, and I must say I am very much excited with the whole affair. 🙂

Not only will our staff members, who are presenting get a chance to have an opportunity for information sharing, we will also get an opportunity to learn from the other organizations who will be participating.

So people don’t forget to register your attendance, since topics such as hydrology, meteorology, water and environment,  water quality, health, water supply, water and land and governance will be discussed.

For more information on the symposium, as well as, to register your attendance please click on the link below:

Integrated Water Resources Management Research Symposium

IWRM Research Symposium Banner