Water Efficiency – Journal for Water Resource Management

Ok folks, I have some great news. We are now recipients of a new digital journal through Forester Media.

The present issue for July/August 2015 Volume 10 Number 5, provides information on topics that would be of great interest us at the Agency.

For instance, one may find articles on topics such as keeping water cleaned and contained, water reuse, IT for water utilities, metering and AMI, integrated water resources, green infrastructure and rainwater harvesting.

Also, if you’ve got a book to publish Forester Press is seeking book proposals, so interested persons could take a look at the requirements and who knows – you may soon be a published author.

The showcase section of the book, also highlights relevant equipment in terms of metering, leak detection, water level sensors etc.

So those of you interested in viewing this journal or back issues can either send me an email or check me at my desk. 🙂

Water Efficiency July August 2015
Water Efficiency July August 2015