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Bringing Climate Projections Down to Size for Water Managers

In the article below, by Kimberly M.S. Cartier, published in the EOS Earth and Space Science News magazine on July 26, 2019, one looks at a project with the potential of making global climate change projections more relevant for water … Continue reading

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EOS Earth and Space Science News March 2019

The Earth and Space Science News magazine for March (Volume 100 No.3) focuses on the collision of environmental forces such as drought, GPS data, health impacts of wildfire smoke, tracing the path of Carbon in North America, DC’s clean energy … Continue reading

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Free Webinar – Stormwater Goes Green: The Benefit and Health of Trees in Green Stormwater Infrastructure

This webinar sponsored by Deep Root, will be presented by Post Doctoral Researcher Andrew Tirpak, from the University of Tennessee Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering on January 29th 2019. Learning Objectives  By participating in this webinar, attendees will: Learn … Continue reading

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On Integrating Sedimentology and Hydrogeology in Streambeds

A recent article by Partington et al.,  identifies a new modeling blueprint, which seeks to link sedimentology, hydrology and hydrogeology for the modeling of streambeds. The link presented below discusses with the authors the challenges and implications of such a … Continue reading

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Global Conference for Prosperity through Hydrological Services

Co-organized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and other key stakeholders, the main focus of the conference will be to increase collaboration, in order to improve the availability and use of hydrological services on a global scale. It will be … Continue reading

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WMO Bulletin 67 (1) – 2018

The World Meteorological Organization has made available a special issue of the WMO Bulletin 67 (1) on water. Topics covered in this issue includes water security, climate change, international framework, hydrological information, sustainable planning, watershed management, hydrology distance learning, flood … Continue reading

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Water Balance Methodology: Using Continuous Simulation to Protect Urban Watersheds and Stream Health

Please see the details below to enroll in the above mentioned on demand webcast, which is available via Forester University at the cost of 79.00 (US dollars), as well as, to learn more about the presenters. COURSE DESCRIPTION How effective … Continue reading

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HSPF (Hydrological Simulation Program- FOTRAN) Calibration and Validation

Please see the information below on the upcoming webinar from Forester University carded for January 23 2018. Additional information can also be sourced via the supplied links. COURSE DESCRIPTION What’s the difference between calibration and validation? And…when is calibration/validation needed … Continue reading

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Reference Texts Within the Library

For those of you who may not be familiar with some of the titles in the library, I have decided to create a digital display, similar to the ones seen in public libraries, in order to get persons acquainted with … Continue reading

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WMO Annual Report – 2016 Highlights

We have just received a print copy of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Annual Report (WMO No. 1190) which provides highlights for 2016. Topics discussed include earth observation, data processing, forecasts systems, weather services, climate observations, flash flood guidance, global … Continue reading

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