On-Farm Groundwater Recharge

In the article below by Laura Sanchez, published March 7th 2018, one looks at how farmers in the United States seek to replenish groundwater supply via on-farm groundwater recharge. One can read the full article and comment by following the link below.

Avoiding Overdraft

Can groundwater recharge safeguard agricultural water supplies?

Many agricultural areas of the American West are reliant on groundwater withdrawals—and even more so in the face of drought. But many aquifers have become depleted or overdrafted over the years. And as temperatures rise with climate change and as droughts become more extreme, overdrafts are likely to increase.  To help ensure sustainable water supplies,farmers today are attempting to restore water sources beneath agricultural fields through a practice called on-farm groundwater recharge.

One can read the rest of the article here Avoiding Overdraft  by Laura Sanchez