Water Policy Volume 20 Issue 1

We have just received our copy of the Water Policy journal (February 2018) , the official journal of the World Water Council, from IWA Publishing.

This journal provides articles on a wide range of topics such as management of watercourses, policy and floodplain management, water access, water demand, governance and water tariff policy alternatives.

Cover of Water Policy (Volume 20 Issue 1)
Cover of Water Policy Journal Volume 20 (1)

Persons wishing to view a copy of this journal can email me or visit me at my desk.

Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016

Okay guys I have just received a digital copy of the Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016 from a member of staff.

This document has been published by the Water Integrity Network Association (WIN) under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), which simply means that it should only be used for personal non-commercial reasons.

A comprehensive document of 215 pages, excluding references and glossary, one can find information on water integrity, sustainability, finance, regulation and governance, integrity tools and planning, as well as, monitoring and evaluation.

Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016
Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016

Persons can download the  Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016 or send me an email for a soft copy.

I do hope you all appreciate this contribution from your colleague as much as I do. Happy reading guys. 🙂


IWRM Presentations

I’m happy to announce that presentations that were showcased at the IWRM symposium have now been made available by the committee. Thus, members of staff can view the presentations as they were shown at the symposium.

For details of the presentations available, please see the list below:

Hydrology and Meteorology

  1. Groundwater Management Utilizing a Safe Yield Range Tool
  2. Development of a Modified Empirical Reduction Formula for Short Duration Rainfall in Trinidad
  3. Surface Runoff Prediction Model for Unplanned Hillside Catchments in Trinidad
  4. State of Aquifers in Trinidad – Groundwater Quality and Vulnerability
  5. The Use of Ecological Methods to Alleviate Flash Flooding in Urban Environments

Water and the Environment

  1. IWRM Working in Trinidad and Tobago – A Summary of the Adopt a River Programme
  2. Historical Developments and Hydrological Changes to a Coastal Wetland in Southwest Trinidad
  3. Drought Probability Mapping Using Regional Frequency Analysis in Trinidad

Water and Land

  1. Land and Water – The Effect of Land Use on Water Quality and the Role of Land Management
  2. Landuse Planning and Water Resources Management in Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Drought Management (Mitigation Strategies)

Water Quality, Health and Supply

  1. A Focus on the Environmental Quality in the Gulf of Paria
  2. A Preliminary Assessment to Ascertain the Water Quality Status and its Impending Impacts on the Recreational uses of the Ortoire River
  3. Proposed Ambient Water Quality Guidelines for Trinidad and Tobago

Water, Society and Governance

  1. A Regulatory Approach to the Management of Point Source Pollution in Trinidad and Tobago
  2. Application of ISO22301 for Design and Development of WASAs Business Continuity Management System
  3. Participatory Approach in Water Resources Management
  4. Stakeholder Involvement in Water Management
  5. Development of an Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (ERM) Framework in WASA

Also available is the Book of Abstracts, which provides abstracts for all presentations carded for the events, as well as, author biographies.

So persons who have not been able to access the presentations can either email me to view them or visit me at my desk. 🙂

Also available are presentations revolving around the idea of “Partnering for IWRM”, which include the following:

  1. Partnering for IWRM – GWP-Caribbean
  2. Developing Youth Eco-Leaders through training and Social Media to Raise Awareness of Environmental Issues and Impact on the Rural Communities of Siparia and Carlsen Field – Social Justice Foundation
  3. The Impact of the Guanapo Landfill on the Surrounding Environment – Dr. Grace-Ann Bent

Books Catalogued from the IWRM Research Symposium

As promised I have catalogued documents received at the recent Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) research symposium, held on July 15-16 2015. These documents are fairly recent and so they provide valuable information in terms of urban water, sanitation, IWRM, IWRM in the Caribbean, Small Island Developing States, risk management and water financing and governance.

For details, please see the list below:

  1.  Water Financing and Governance – Judith A. Rees, James Win Penny and Alan W. Hall, Global Water Partnership (April, 2008)
  2. Risk and Integrated Water Management – Judith A. Rees, Global Water Partnership (August, 2002)
  3. Integrated water resources management in the Caribbean: The challenges facing Small Island Developing States – Adrian Cashman et al., Global Water Partnership, (2014)
  4. Urban Water and Sanitation Services; An IWRM Approach –  Judith A. Rees, Global Water Partnership (2006)
Integrated Water Resources Mangement in the Caribbean - GWP
Integrated Water Resources Mangement in the Caribbean – GWP
Water Financing and Governance - GWP
Water Financing and Governance – GWP

For those of you interested in checking out any of these documents, feel free to send me an email or check me at my desk. 🙂

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Research Symposium

So the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Research Symposium hosted by the IWRM Stakeholder Forum is quickly approaching, and I must say I am very much excited with the whole affair. 🙂

Not only will our staff members, who are presenting get a chance to have an opportunity for information sharing, we will also get an opportunity to learn from the other organizations who will be participating.

So people don’t forget to register your attendance, since topics such as hydrology, meteorology, water and environment,  water quality, health, water supply, water and land and governance will be discussed.

For more information on the symposium, as well as, to register your attendance please click on the link below:

Integrated Water Resources Management Research Symposium

IWRM Research Symposium Banner