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Extreme Precipitation Expected to Increase with Warming Planet

In a recent article by David Shultz, published in the Earth and Space Science News magazine on the 11th June, 2019,  he discusses a study put forward by Papalexiou and Montanari  in the Water Resources Research Journal, which notes that extreme precipitation is … Continue reading

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Responding to Climate Change Deniers with Simple Facts and Logic

With many persons insisting that climate change is not actually taking place, (I’m hoping none of our staff are included in that group, but if you are this article is for you too) this article digitally published by Dork Sahagian … Continue reading

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EOS Earth and Space Science Magazine April 2017

The Earth, Space and Science Magazine Volume 98 Issue 4 (April, 2017) is now available for viewing. This issue provides articles on several interesting topics including female scientists and barriers, within the field of geosciences, hiring freeze, satellite positioning, data, climate … Continue reading

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WMO Bulletin Volume 66 Issue 1 2017

Persons can now view the digital version of the WMO Bulletin Volume 66 Issue 1, 2017. This issue presents information on topics such as the International Cloud Atlas, clouds and climate, climate science, weather modification, global carbon budget, greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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Global Significance of the Changing Freshwater Carbon Cycle – EOS

By Bopaiah A. Biddanda Freshwater ecosystems constitute a small fraction of our planet but play a disproportionately large and critical role in the global carbon cycle. As human activities continue to pump carbon into the atmosphere, the backbone of our … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Coral Reefs: A Matter of Urgency

Originally posted on caribbeanclimate:
Coral bleaching in American Samoa in the South Pacific. The left image was taken in December 2014; the right one was taken in February 2015, after a NOAA coral bleaching alert. XL Catlin Seaview Survey If…

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