Water Policy Journal – December 2019 (V.21, 6)

We have received our print version of the Water Policy Journal  for December 2019 (Volume 21 Issue 6) from the World Water Council published by IWA Publishing.

This issue discusses topics such as water diplomacy, water security, groundwater management, recycling water, a Q-study for the segmentation of potable water customers, sustainable water services and incentives for water consumption reduction.


Water Policy Journal Volume 21 Issue 6 - December 2019
Water Policy Journal Volume 21 Issue 6 – December 2019

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EOS Earth and Space Science News March 2019

The Earth and Space Science News magazine for March (Volume 100 No.3) focuses on the collision of environmental forces such as drought, GPS data, health impacts of wildfire smoke, tracing the path of Carbon in North America, DC’s clean energy law, modeling melting permafrost, air quality in India and other relevant American Geophysical Union (AGU) news.

Earth and Space Science News March 2019
Earth and Space Science News March 2019

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The Plastic Cup

With our upcoming beach clean-up campaign in mind, I recently read an article on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) website that puts a bit of fun into cleaning up other people’s messes, while maintaining a healthy environment.

Such an event is known as The Plastic Cup, which sees various teams (known as Plastic Pirates) travelling along the Tisza River,  a major tributary of the Danube River, that passes through countries such as Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Serbia, in boats made from recyclable materials, collecting plastic refuse that populate the waterway.

Doesn’t that sound like fun!

To read more about such a fun but noble event click on the following link  The world’s river and streams need more of this Plastic Cup

One can also visit the additional resources posted within the article such as the event’s official website and official story video trailer for more information.

How India’s Fishermen Turn Ocean Plastic Into Roads

In the article below published by Maanvi Singh, for National Geographic’s Planet or Plastic issue, we get to learn about an innovative recycling programme, initiated by India’s fishermen with assistance from key stakeholders and government agencies.

How India’s Fishermen Turn Ocean Plastic Into Roads


Testing the Waters: Mobile Apps for Crowdsourced Streamflow Data

Many volunteers have been tasked with acquiring hydrologic data, when the agency has been unable to make frequent trips to do so. The article below by Kampf et al. looks at mobile applications that are being used to crowdsource streamflow data.

Source: Testing the Waters: Mobile Apps for Crowdsourced Streamflow Data

Trash Girl

In the article below by Arturo Santiago, published February 28, 2018, for MSW Management, the journal of municipal solid waste management professionals, he looks at one  twelve year old girl, who makes it her business to pick up the trash along the 2 mile route to school, despite being bullied by her peers. Follow the link below to read the article and make your comments.

‘Trash Girl”

When I tell friends who are unfamiliar with the waste universe that I’m the editor of MSW Management, most of them ask, “What does MSW stand for?” Of course I would answer, municipal solid waste, and go on to explain that…

“Trash?” the friend would interrupt in a pious and ignorant manner.

Yes, trash. But what most people don’t realize is that there are entire industries dedicated to…

“Do you have to go to the dump to find stories?” the friend would snicker.

The teasing doesn’t bother me because number one, I’m an adult, and two, I realize the importance of waste management in civil society.

You can read the rest of the article here

Water Resources Materials Available

Some of the water resources materials that can be accessed through the library are presented below in the image gallery.

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GIS and the Environment

The materials presented in our last book display were well-appreciated. However, persons are always welcome to give recommendations on material they wish to see in the library since the library is for the clients.

This week’s book display would be highlighting documents that deal with GIS and the Environment.

Enjoy and happy reading!



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Call for Papers on Estuary and Coast

The International Conference on Estuaries and Coasts is expecting the submission of research papers. All authors of selected papers will be invited to the event.

The International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES), one of regional allies of GWP China, advocates its upcoming event “the 6th International Conference on Estuaries and Coasts”, on August 20-23, 2018 in Cean, France, together with the University of Caen Normandie and the Group of Scientific Interests.

Under such theme “Estuaries and Coasts in times of Global Change”, it includes several topics as below:

  • Saline intrusion and sea level rise: measurements, modelling and forecasting their impacts to economic development and human lives ;
  • Waves and Tsunami: Measurements, modelling, forecasting and warning system ;
  • Estuarine and coastal flows and their evolution by climate change ;
  • Sediment transport and morphological change in estuaries and coastal zones ;
  • Megacities development and coastal floods under the threat of sea level rise and climate change : Observation, modelling, forecasting and early warning systems ;
  • Environment and ecosystem change in estuaries and coastal zones in time of global change ;
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management for sustainable developments in global change context ;
  • Environment and Marine Renewable Energies.

HIGHLIGHTS for whom have interestes in the theme and its topics—

Important dates

  • Oct 1, 2017 : submission of abstracts
  • Dec 1, 2017 : notification of abstract acceptance
  • Jan 31, 2018 : submission of full papers
  • Mar 31, 2018 : notification of paper acceptance
  • Apr 30, 2018 : submission of camera-ready Manuscripts
Abstract submission

Abstracts (between 200 and 1000 words) should be submitted via the following application :   https://icec-2018.sciencesconf.org
Papers should provide detailed information on the objectives of the study, the methodology, the main results and major conclusions. They should mention the name, affiliation of authors, and Email of the corresponding author.


All of the presented papers will be included in the conference proceedings. Selected papers will be considered for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
One can check this link for more details.

Free Journal Articles from Wiley Through The End of May


To celebrate World Earth Day, which would be celebrated tomorrow, March 22, 2017, Wiley is offering persons the opportunity to read articles from Earth, Environment and Life Sciences, as well as from Earth, Space and Science News, at no cost, throughout the month of May. Do enjoy!




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