Caribbean Climate Outlook

Well folks I have been provided with the Caribbean Regional Climate Outlook Forum newsletter for January to June 2016, which provides both an overview of the climate outlook for January to June 2016, as well as, a look back on the climate impacts felt from September – November 2015.

I hope that many of you take the opportunity to view the outlook and encourage those around you to conserve water and practice water saving methods since Trinidad is expected to experience below to normal rainfall during this period.


CARICOF Newsletter

Article on Adopt a River Programme

Many of you may have already heard on the office grapevine, that our very own Mr. Samm and Mr. Gosine have been interviewed on the Adopt a River programme, which has seen great success, as a means for helping persons take an active role in the quality of the water supply and our recreational areas.

If you haven’t read the article as yet, please click on the link below and enjoy 🙂

Young People Lend a Hand to Trinidad’s Ailing Watersheds by Jewel Fraser (IPS)