Webinar: “Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

I know I always bring all the free webinars to the forefront but this webinar while it is not free is definitely one worth paying for since it provides some pertinent information. Please see the details below for webinar information and registration links.

“Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough Anymore: 8 Steps to Take Your Utility from Good to Great (May 9th, 2017 11am PDT / 2pm EDT)

In today’s world of tight budgets, rising costs and demanding customers, running anything less than a high performance organization is a one-way ticket to failure – for both you as a manager and your utility as a whole. But how do you turn a typical public agency like a utility company into a fast-paced performance engine in order to succeed? As we’ve seen, the typical “good enough for government work” operation is not cutting it anymore when we go asking our customers for the funds to properly operate our utilities.

Join utility management and performance expert Rob McElroy for an engaging and thought-provoking webinar walking through the simple steps necessary to get your utility up and moving fast as well as techniques to increase the effectiveness of your staff almost immediately.

In this webinar, our presenter will provide a blueprint for transforming your typical “good enough for government work” operation into a high-performing team. Throughout this discussion, McElroy will also reference case studies and examples of how utilities have transformed their operations and gained funding to properly operate their utility by delivering results customers notice. Within this examination, McElroy will point to utilities around the country that’ve transformed their organization, including those that’ve earned multiple EPA “Awards of Excellence”, and discuss how you can achieve the same.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Explore how to create an effective mission statement for your utility that everyone understands.
  • Examine what you must provide so that your staff can get more accomplished.
  • Discover how to leverage competition to create a high-performing organization.
  • Explore how to obtain funds to properly operate your utility by offering a new customer experience.


For further information and to enroll  in this course click the link.

Train Your Team
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Free AWWA Webinar – Hidden Gems: Convert Customer Interactions to Actionable Insight

Many organizations have started to see the importance of user experience (UX) by ensuring that customers are satisfied with their interactions with products and services. Being an organization that deals with external stakeholders, it is important that we listen to feedback and use that feedback to serve our customers efficiently. This webinar would definitely, help with that, and since it’s free, all you need to do is register and put aside some of your time.

Webinar Introduction

Our call center agents and other frontline employees engage in hundreds, if not thousands, of customer interactions every year. While these interactions can range from routine to extraordinary, there is an ever-growing challenge to capture and consider the insights customers reveal through all of those interactions. It can also be challenging to turn these “hidden gems” into affirmative actions that help us deliver exemplary service to meet ever-evolving customer needs.

This highly informative 60-minute webinar will give attendees the opportunity to hear several leading Customer Service professionals share how they successfully turn everyday interactions into a continuously improving customer experience by using a combination of technology, reporting, and intra-company communications and initiatives.

Providing excellent customer service is critical to every business-to-consumer relationship, and utilities are no exception. But the challenge of absorbing all the important information obtained through customer interactions and turning that information into actions for improvement can appear overwhelming. Attendees will learn about important tools and techniques to employ to convert that abundance of everyday data into actionable items, which can be implemented organization-wide to achieve positive change.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discover ways to use technology and reporting to digest large amounts of data from customer interactions.
2. Get ways to analyze, distill, and use information from customer interactions to improve the customer experience.
3. Find techniques for building intra-company consensus around efforts to improve the customer experience.




Water Well Journal – December 2016

I am pleased to announce that we have received our digital copy of the Water Well Journal for December 2016 from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

This journal provides information on upcoming book titles from the National Ground Water Association(NGWA), as well as, water systems efficiency, customer satisfaction, contract documents, safety matters and how to deal with difficult persons.

Water Well Journal – December 2016

Anyone interested in viewing this journal can email me or visit me at my desk.