New Integrated Library System (ILS) Plans

With our present library management system not being able to fully support our needs in terms of search ability, ease of use, reliability and just overall management, I have been in contact with COMPanion Corporation, in order to learn more about their Alexandria Software, since I would like to implement it as our library management system.

Having used this system before, mainly for circulation, I can’t believe that I hadn’t thought about installing it here since its affordable, provides 24/7 support and is simply a gem in terms of usability for both the library staff and the client wanting to access library materials. Did I mention its affordable! Compared to other library systems or the new Library Service Platforms (LSPs), prices, it’s a drop in the bucket.

I have submitted its cost to our upcoming budget  and I am really hoping that we could get the green light for this system since I am all for improving client experience. Would keep you guys posted on any other updates. Keep your fingers and toes crossed guys 🙂