Checkpoint RF Detection Gates

Well for those of you who read my earlier posts, you may remember that I stated that we needed to update our library security, in terms of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags or tattle tapes, a book desensitizer and some form of library security at the door.  If you didn’t well now you know, but I finally think I found the solution to that problem in terms of the Checkpoint RF Detection Gates.

These gates use radio frequency technology without automated checkout, sorting or circulation and sound an alarm if an item passes through that hasn’t been desensitized. It can be also be mounted via base plates. To me it sounds as if this doesn’t need an integrated library management system (LIS) to work. If so this sounds like the perfect security gate for us!!

Well me being a big library geek I contacted our representative at the supplier and now I’m awaiting a reply (What’s taking so long that was thirty minutes ago!:) ). I would definitely do a happy dance if we are able to purchase this.

So people keep you fingers crossed (and if possible your toes too 🙂 ). I would definitely keep you updated on our progress.

You can drool on the gates like I did (that is if you’re a huge library geek like me) by looking at the picture below, if not you can look at the picture to get an idea of what to expect.


Checkpoint RF Detection Gates
Checkpoint RF Detection Gates

Library Security

I know that many of you probably wonder why the library is …gasp!…under lock and key. This is due to the fact that none of our library materials are secured via library security products such as tattle tape, (which is like an alarm placed in the book – which is usually desensitized when a book is on loan) and so anyone can walk away with any of the books on the shelves if unobserved.

Since last year I have been communicating with suppliers such as Massy Technologies Applied Imaging, formerly Pereira and Company, as well as, 3M, to get the relevant quotations to source these needed materials. However, although it was quite easy to get the relevant quotations for the tattle tape and book desensitizer, the security doors have been a totally different matter.

Not only have I been told that our country does not support the technology (Massy Technologies), I have been also told that we need to an operational circulation system via our integrated library management system (LIS) (3M).

Yet, I am still contacting suppliers, as well as, doing relevant research, to solve our circulation module problem (sad but we don’t use that module in our LIS 😦 ).

In the meantime though, books are still available for loan, but, you guessed it, the library will remain under lock and key, although it would be nice to improve our library with the lovely equipment pictured below. : )