EOS – Earth and Space Science News – December 2019

The digital copy of the EOS Earth & Space Science News magazine (Volume 98 Issue 12) for December 2019, from the American Geophysical Union (AGU), is now available for perusal.

Topics discussed in this issue include geodata; geologic risks, forced displacement and natural disasters; machine learning and fault behaviour; citizen science; deep carbon; climate sensitivity; “living bridge” monitors the environment and other related AGU news.

EOS Earth & Space Science News - December 2019
EOS Earth & Space Science News – December 2019

Persons wishing to view this issue can visit me at my desk or send me an email.


EOS Earth and Space Science News Magazine- June 2018

The newest issue of the AGU’s Earth and Space Science News (Volume 99 No. 6) for June, 2018 is now available for viewing. This issue includes topics such as an early cholera warning system, stratospheric warming effect on the atmosphere, playing and geosciences, oils spill response and risks, United Nations’ 2030 Global Vision, climate models and soil respiration.


Earth Space and Science News Magazine June 2018
Earth Space and Science News Magazine June 2018

Persons wishing to view a copy of this magazine can email me or visit me at my desk.

Free Articles from Wiley On World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5th, Wiley has made available a wide range of journal articles (free to read for two weeks) on topics such as environment, water, water resources, groundwater, irrigation and drainage, sustainability, restoration and remediation.

You can see the list of journal articles here.

Happy reading guys 🙂

P.S. Happy World Environment Day!


Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination Volume 7 No. 3

Please view the links below for open access articles from the Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination for September 2017 Volume 7 No. 3.

R. Mujeriego, M. GullĂłn, and S. Lobato
Published online 08.06.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


Qingfeng Cheng, Lichao Nengzi, Dongying Xu, Junyuan Guo, and Jing Yu
Published online 13.05.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


Akbar Eslami, Mohammad Mehralian, and Ahmad Moheb
Published online 06.06.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


S. Salvestrini, P. Vanore, A. Bogush, S. Mayadevi, and L. C. Campos
Published online 04.08.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


Shinian Liu, Xiaokun Ye, Kuang He, Yuancai Chen, and Yongyou Hu
Published online 01.06.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


Mohammad Taghi Ghaneian, Mohammad Hassan Ehrampoush, Eghbal Ehsanzadeh, Ali Nikoonahad, and Mohammad Miri
Published online 21.07.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


F. Z. Mahjoubi, A. Khalidi, O. Cherkaoui, R. Elmoubarki, M. Abdennouri, and N. Barka
Published online 01.06.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


Meysam Abedinpour and Ebrahim Rohani
Published online 31.05.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


Dongxue Hu, Yu Tian, Zhijiang Wang, Pan Wu, Peier Wang, Zhaobo Chen, Yubo Cui, and Hui Ge
Published online 22.07.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE



Nader Taghipour, Mohammad Mosaferi, Mohammad Shakerkhatibi, Neemat Jaafarzadeh, Reza Dehghanzadeh, and Hassan HosseinNia
Published online 04.08.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


R. Vinoth Kumar and G. Pugazhenthi
Published online 24.08.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE


Tao Zheng
Published online 26.08.2016 OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE

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Free Online courses on MOOC

With our thoughts on upcoming training I felt I should just put this out there again for those of you who may not have seen it when it was posted in 2015. Do hope you guys find some courses to enjoy.

WRA Library

When you are in a company where  training is limited due to a lack of funding, or even if you are the type of person who knows the benefits of continued education, you can definitely take a look at the MOOC website.

Through this website person have an opportunity to enroll for courses offered by various universities around the world, for free, with some providers offering course completion certificates and exams at a fee.

For those of you interested in this website you can learn more at the following link About Mooc

If you want to take part in this initiative you can also check out the website’s home page and browse through their list of providers and categories or by university/entity to find a course that’s right for you and your educational goals at MOOC LIST

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Free Journal Articles from Wiley Through The End of May


To celebrate World Earth Day, which would be celebrated tomorrow, March 22, 2017, Wiley is offering persons the opportunity to read articles from Earth, Environment and Life Sciences, as well as from Earth, Space and Science News, at no cost, throughout the month of May. Do enjoy!




Happy reading guys! 🙂


Free Samples from Wiley

John Wiley and Sons Inc. just informed me that persons can read free sample issues from selected journals on Water and Environment.

Please see below (the pictures are the links):

  1. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
  2. Groundwater Groundwater
  3. Journal of America Water Resources Association  Journal of American Water Resources Association
  4. Water and Environmental Journal   Water and Environment Journal
  5. Hydrological Processes Hydrological Processes
  6. River and Research Processes    River Research and Applications
  7. Ecohydrology     Ecohydrology
  8. Irrigation and Drainage Irrigation and Drainage
  9. WIRES Climate Change WIREs Climate Change
  10. WIRES Water WIREs Water
  11. Natural Resource Modeling Natural Resource Modeling
  12. CLEAN- Soil, Air, Water CLEAN- Soil, Air, Water
  13. Journal of Flood Risk Management    Journal of Flood Risk Management
  14. Lakes and Reservoirs Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management



Happy reading guys!