Environmental Ethics – Readings in Theory and Application – Fifth Edition

From time to time I would be highlighting texts in our library so that members of staff can  have an idea of the type of books that we house.

Today I would like to highlight Environmental Ethics – Readings in Theory and Application 5th ed. (2008), by Louis P. Pojman and his son Paul, who dedicated the book to his father who died in 2005.

This text provides information on a wide range of topics and is presented in two parts, i.e.  theory and practice. One can find several articles on relevant topics such as animal rights, ecology, ethics, population and consumption and climate change.

Although, Paul Pojman notes that some articles in the practice section have become out of date and growing areas of the field need to be represented more adequately, namely food ethics and environmental justice, the chapters have been “re-structured to reflect these needed changes, with some articles being removed and ten articles added” (2006).

According to Barnes and Noble, this anthology offers information on  areas “not covered in other anthologies-including an all-new section on Climate Change”(2015).

However, I would hope that members of staff would find this text useful for their research purposes.

Environental Ethics 5th Edition - Pojman and Pojman
Environental Ethics – Readings in Theory and Practice 5th Edition – Pojman and Pojman

For those of you wishing to check out this document, you can either send me an email or drop by by desk. 🙂