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Currently employed with the Water and Sewerage Authority at the Water Resources Agency, I have taken the opportunity to create an innovative and exciting blog to make staff aware of library related activities, as well as, relevant information that can have an impact on the Agency's operation.

On-Farm Groundwater Recharge

In the article below by Laura Sanchez, published March 7th 2018, one looks at how farmers in the United States seek to replenish groundwater supply via on-farm groundwater recharge. One can read the full article and comment by following the … Continue reading

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Drawing the Short Straw

With much evidence, highlighting the mass levels of plastic waste, that are polluting water ways (which means additional water treatment costs), and the fact that they eventually end up in the ocean, harming marine wildlife, the article below by Janice … Continue reading

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Trash Girl

In the article below by Arturo Santiago, published February 28, 2018, for MSW Management, the journal of municipal solid waste management professionals, he looks at one  twelve year old girl, who makes it her business to pick up the trash … Continue reading

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Toward a Satellite-Based Monitoring System for Water Quality

In an article published by Pahlevan et al. on March 5th 2018, (see the link below) information is presented on the use of satellite imagery for water quality monitoring, which was introduced in the Water Quality Workshop for End Users, … Continue reading

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Water Well Journal – March 2018

We have received our digital version of the Water Well Journal from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) for March, 2018. This issue contains information on pump equipment, safety in the workplace, minimizing VFDs (variable frequency drives) callbacks, managing work … Continue reading

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International News February 2018

The print issue of the International News newsletter for February 2018, published by the International Office for Water, is now available for loan. This newsletter focuses particularly on water management issues, such as climate change, water and sanitation, water governance … Continue reading

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World Water Day 2018

With World Water Day 2018 fast approaching (March 22 2018), this year’s theme “Nature for Water” would highlight ways in which nature can be used to solve water-based challenges in the 21st century through nature-based solutions. Do any ideas come … Continue reading

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Listening for Leaks

We all know how awful non-revenue water loss is, with customers and the utility experiencing little benefits from water lost through leaks, since it is a precious commodity needed by customers, as well as, the service which the utility is … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Drought Prediction

The article below, by Zengchao Hao, published on 16 February 2018,  discusses the challenges that still exist in terms of drought forecasting despite the many advancements in the field. Source: The Challenges of Drought Prediction

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8th World Water Forum

The 8th World Water Forum, organized by the World Water Council and the Government of Brazil, would be held from March 18th 2018 – March 23rd 2018. The World Water Forum is the world’s biggest water-related event that brings together … Continue reading

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