Innovations to Beat Plastic Pollution

With many of us becoming aware of the detriment that plastics pose to the environment, as a result of recent research and  campaigns carried out for World Environment Day, there are some persons who are truly taking on an active role in finding a solution for single use plastics or plastics on a whole.

For instance, in one article “Boxed In” by Janice Kaspersen, the editor of Stormwater Magazine by Forester Media, she looks at boxed water sold in biodegradable containers.

Another recent article published on September 4th 2018, Janice Kaspersen, discusses how chemists at the University of Illinois, are trying to create plastics that break down in components that would not interfere with the environment under certain conditions such as heat and ultraviolet light.

Such  tests and innovations make me really hope that the scourge of plastics can be brought under control.

What do you guys think? Do you think that we will ever truly be able to “beat plastic pollution?


Author: WRLibrarian

Currently employed with the Water and Sewerage Authority at the Water Resources Agency, I have created this blog to provide an online presence for the Agency's library. The purpose of this blog would be to inform staff about library related activities, as well as, relevant information that can have an impact on the Agency's operation.

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