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Water Well Journal – February 2018

We have just received our digital issue of the National Ground Water Association’s (NGWA) Water Well Journal for February 2018. This issue besides offering details on upcoming events and relevant equipment to use in the field, also highlights steps to … Continue reading

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Free Webinar: Crowdsourcing and Wicked Water Quality Problems

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) has scheduled a free webinar entitled: Crowdsourcing and Wicked Water Quality Problems, for January 24th 2018 at 2pm-3pm  with Alan Kolok, Director of Idaho Water Resources Research Institute, University of Idaho as its presenter. … Continue reading

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Cape Town Water Woes

Water is life, and most people, while they may not wish to conserve water in the way that they should, they definitely know that they can’t live without water. Yet, in Cape Town South Africa, due to three years of … Continue reading

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How Drought Plays Out

In the article below, Emily Underwood, discusses research by Apurv et al, published in the Water Resource Research journal, which looks at the various types of droughts, as well as, how different annual rainfall patterns impacted on one’s water usage, … Continue reading

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Water Balance Methodology: Using Continuous Simulation to Protect Urban Watersheds and Stream Health

Please see the details below to enroll in the above mentioned on demand webcast, which is available via Forester University at the cost of 79.00 (US dollars), as well as, to learn more about the presenters. COURSE DESCRIPTION How effective … Continue reading

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Optimizing Indoor and Outdoor Water Conservation

With the upcoming dry season being one of the most difficult times in ensuring an adequate water supply it is important for us to know how to efficiently and effectively conserve our available resources, which can be shared with our … Continue reading

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Conducting Water Audits and Calculating Payback Periods – 2 for 1 Webinar

Through Forester University’s 2 for 1 On-Demand Webcasts, persons may enroll in two online courses at the reduced cost of 99.00 (US Dollars). Please see the following information below for course description, presenter information and Course 1 – How to Conduct … Continue reading

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HSPF (Hydrological Simulation Program- FOTRAN) Calibration and Validation

Please see the information below on the upcoming webinar from Forester University carded for January 23 2018. Additional information can also be sourced via the supplied links. COURSE DESCRIPTION What’s the difference between calibration and validation? And…when is calibration/validation needed … Continue reading

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Spills, Sediment, and Shoreline Contamination

We have all been aware about oil spills that have occurred in our coastal waters with the most recent having been noticed off Carrera Island in October 2017, contaminating the waters in Chaguaramas and even reaching as far as Cocorite. … Continue reading

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EOS Earth, Space and Science News – January 2018

The newest issue of the the Earth, Space and Science News magazine (Volume 99 No. 1) for January 2018 looks at climate change effects, river flows, weather systems, pollution, threat to  ozone health and much more.     Persons wishing … Continue reading

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