Water Well Journal November 2017

We have just received our digital copy of the Water Well Journal for November 2017. This issue focuses on global water, providing articles that deal with avoiding and remediating mold, coliform tests for domestic wells, well rehabilitation, as well as, Groundwater Week at Glance, which highlights what will take place at the Groundwater Week scheduled for December 5 – 7 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cover of Water Well Journal November 2017
Cover of Water Well Journal November 2017

Persons wishing to view this issue can email me or visit me at my desk.

Polluted Lakes in Disguise

In many local instances, persons tend to think that clear water means clean water, however, in a recent study by Filstrup and Downing, particularly for areas where there is agricultural and livestock rearing activity, this may not actually be true. Click on the link below to read more on this scientific study.

Source: Polluted Lakes in Disguise