Monitoring for Water Quality on Farms, Reserves and Urban Creeks

This article published by David C. Richardson on July 29th 2017, as part of the Forester Daily News, highlights water quality monitoring in Millstone Watershed, waterways in Georgia and other locations throughout the United States.

Monitoring for Water Quality on Farms, Reserves and Urban Creeks

It has often been said that without water there would be no life. However, the presence of water is only one factor in the equation. It is not water alone that guarantees the presence of life; to sustain life the condition of that water must fall within a very specific range. Although life can be resilient—in the sense that for virtually any condition that can be imagined, some type of organism will thrive there—many forms of life are very sensitive, occupying one particular, narrowly bounded niche. Many of the specific organisms upon which society relies as part of the food chain or to sustain the habitability of the planet have a particularly narrow and specialized range of conditions under which they can thrive and propagate. Minor changes in salinity or temperature, for example, can drive fish like trout or salmon from a stream. And human activity can play a dramatic role in affecting these conditions.

A Microcosm With a Difference (continue reading the rest of the article here.)



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