Scientists Predict Active Hurricane Season


With hurricanes being highly destructive, whether to property or human life, one should definitely be mindful of the hurricane season, while making the necessary preparations. Read on to learn what scientists have to say about the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season, within the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, in this informative article by JoAnna Wendel, and take note of the safety measures provided.

Source: Scientists Predict Active Hurricane Season


The Ocean Cleanup Project

Remember last week when I shared an article by JoAnna Wendel about how pollution, especially plastic, was impacting one of the Pitcairn islands, namely Henderson Island. Thus, making many of us feel hopeless about the future of the environment and life itself. Well, it appears that some persons, namely Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup team are not just waiting for people to stop polluting, but have actually developed a way to improve the quality of life and save the planet by allowing natural ocean currents, together with a clever device, to clean up plastics in the world’s oceans.

With cleanup trials expected to commence in 2018, it is estimated that half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch will be removed in five years time. Persons can read  up more on this innovation on the website The Ocean Cleanup.


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Water Demand Management: Using technology to forecast water usage and improve efficiency

With technology being a big part of our day to day lives it’s seems inevitable that it can be used to solve issues of water usage and improve efficiency. This is highlighted in an article by Lori Lovely in the June 2017 issue of the Water Efficiency magazine.

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Water Efficiency Magazine
Water Efficiency Magazine June 2017

Water Demand Management

Using technology to forecast water usage and improve efficiency

by Lori Lovely May 25, 2017


Mni wiconi is Lakota for “water is life.” The phrase articulates a fundamental truth. Our lives depend on water. Planning to meet and manage demand is essential.

Demand for water has risen relentlessly over the years as the world’s population climbs past the 7 billion mark, with projections of continued growth. Lifestyle affects demand as climate change affects supply.

While demand is easily understood, responding to it involves a complicated set of choices. It can be met with a supply-side response—developing new resources—or a demand-side response—management by influencing demand and water use through more efficient use of water that is already available in order to meet objectives such as economic efficiency, environmental protection, sustainability, or other reasons that could include social equity.

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Climate Change’s Pulse Is in Central America and the Caribbean

This article  by J.E. Gonzalez et al. notes that  regions within Central America and the Caribbean are ideally located for tracking the effects of climate change and testing innovative ways to adapt to such changes which could serve as a template for other climate change studies.

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Source: Climate Change’s Pulse Is in Central America and the Caribbean

Plastic Waste Knows No Bounds

Wow! This article published by JoAnna Wendel (accessed via the link) is a definite need-to-read, especially to highlight the impact of pollution, which has taken over one of the largest Pitcairn islands in the United Kingdom, Henderson Island with about “671 pieces of plastic every square meter” (Wendel, 2017).

Source: Plastic Waste Knows No Bounds

Wendel, J. (2017), Plastic waste knows no bounds, Eos, 98, Published on 22 May 2017.


Why Is There So Much Carbon Dioxide in Rivers?

A very interesting article on carbon dioxide in rivers by Sarah Whitman discussing how carbon flows through freshwater bodies which can be applied to pollution and nutrients in the future.

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Source: Why Is There So Much Carbon Dioxide in Rivers?

Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination Volume 7 No. 3

Please view the links below for open access articles from the Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination for September 2017 Volume 7 No. 3.

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