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Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination

Open access articles are now available from the Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination Volume 7 Issue 2 – June 2017 from IWA Publishing. Persons can access these articles (via PDF as well) below.   Forward osmosis membrane fouling and … Continue reading

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Free Online courses on MOOC

Originally posted on WRA Library:
When you are in a company where  training is limited due to a lack of funding, or even if you are the type of person who knows the benefits of continued education, you can definitely take…

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Free Journal Articles from Wiley Through The End of May

  To celebrate World Earth Day, which would be celebrated tomorrow, March 22, 2017, Wiley is offering persons the opportunity to read articles from Earth, Environment and Life Sciences, as well as from Earth, Space and Science News, at no … Continue reading

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Free Samples from Wiley

John Wiley and Sons Inc. just informed me that persons can read free sample issues from selected journals on Water and Environment. Please see below (the pictures are the links): Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management  Groundwater  Journal of America Water … Continue reading

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Stream Network Geometry Correlates with Climate (EOS)

This article by Terri Cook, was published April 6th, 2017 on Earth and Space Science News (EOS). A “big data” analysis of nearly 1 million river junctions in the contiguous United States shows that branching angles in dendritic drainages vary systematically … Continue reading

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Required Reporting for Water Utilities

An article by Laura Sanchez, April 5th 2017, detailing California’s Senate Bill 555, Water Efficiency  Blog. The original can be sourced here. Water delivery systems leak. Therefore, non-revenue water is an issue concerning all water delivery systems—not only because water … Continue reading

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Free AWWA Webinar – Hidden Gems: Convert Customer Interactions to Actionable Insight

Many organizations have started to see the importance of user experience (UX) by ensuring that customers are satisfied with their interactions with products and services. Being an organization that deals with external stakeholders, it is important that we listen to … Continue reading

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EOS Earth and Space Science Magazine April 2017

The Earth, Space and Science Magazine Volume 98 Issue 4 (April, 2017) is now available for viewing. This issue provides articles on several interesting topics including female scientists and barriers, within the field of geosciences, hiring freeze, satellite positioning, data, climate … Continue reading

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New Links Added to Menu

So you all know how much I advocate for using open access information and other free reliable sources of information available over the internet, so much so that I always tell you about the different sites that may be of … Continue reading

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