Cost-Saving Strategies for Water Utilities – Forester Network

Please note that the article Cost-Saving Strategies for Water Utilities – Forester Network was written by Carol Brzozowski for March 10, 2017.

Water utility operators face many financial hardships these days. Today, cash-strapped utilities are challenged to deliver optimal levels of service while saving money on water treatment costs.

Treatment costs are not isolated and must be considered as part of the overall cost of water service, points out Brian Bokowy, business manager CIM for AllChem Performance Products. “Water utilities—particularly utilities that have multiple locations and multiple well sites, booster stations, and multiple treatment areas—have all of the logistics of transportation, storage, handling, and safety concerns of securing all of those individual sites,” notes Bokowy.

Oftentimes, safety concerns will dictate more than one employee going out to a site whenever chemicals are being handled, he adds. “All of these additional visits out to sites, all of the additional safety and handling concerns, add real costs to chlorinate that water for the municipality,” says Bokowy.

“By moving to safer, less hazardous chemicals, it reduces costs by eliminating some of the storage concerns, and eliminating some of the extra personnel and trips out to the sites that may be involved with the manhours associated with going out to those sites.”

AllChem Performance Products specializes in chlorination equipment, especially tablet feed systems. The systems are designed as an effective way to chlorinate drinking water and wastewater without the costly safety and hazard concerns associated with handling, transporting, and treating with gas chlorine or liquid chlorine sodium hypochlorite, notes Bokowy.

One system offered by the company is the PTF-100 Feed System, consist­ing of the Horizon PTF-100 Tablet Feeder and Horizon 90 PT Tablets.

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