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Water Well Journal – April 2017

We have just received our subscription of the Water Well Journal for April 2017 from the National Groundwater Association (NGWA). This issue includes articles on well design, wells’ life-cycle, nitrates and groundwater, water treatment, preventing muscle injuries through ergonomic processes, … Continue reading

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Webinar – Analysis of Environmental Contaminants in Water Using an Agilent 6470 LC/TQ Instrument

Mark your calendar guys for Wednesday April 12th 2017  at 3.00 PM for the above mentioned Webinar on the new 6470 LC/TQ from Agilent Technologies which would be used for the detection of several pharmaceuticals and pesticides in surface waters. For … Continue reading

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Webinar: : Seven years of research on climate resilience in the Caribbean

Seven years of climate resilience research in the Caribbean: making the case for action Day: Wednesday 29th March Time: 8:30- 09:30 am (CST, time in Belize) Check the time zone change according to your location: Register here: Agenda … Continue reading

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WMO Bulletin Volume 66 Issue 1 2017

Persons can now view the digital version of the WMO Bulletin Volume 66 Issue 1, 2017. This issue presents information on topics such as the International Cloud Atlas, clouds and climate, climate science, weather modification, global carbon budget, greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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Celebrating World Water Day with WILEY

In celebration of World Water Day 2017, John Wiley and Sons has made available wastewater related articles  due to this year’s theme being “wastewater”. As such persons can view articles online and download PDFs, from relevant journals such as Water Resources … Continue reading

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Global Significance of the Changing Freshwater Carbon Cycle – EOS

By Bopaiah A. Biddanda Freshwater ecosystems constitute a small fraction of our planet but play a disproportionately large and critical role in the global carbon cycle. As human activities continue to pump carbon into the atmosphere, the backbone of our … Continue reading

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Mapping the Topographic Fingerprints of Humanity Across Earth – EOS

By Paolo Tarolli, Giulia Sofia, and Erle Ellis If increasingly globalized societies are to make better land management decisions, the geosciences must globally evaluate how humans are reshaping Earth’s surface Since geologic time began, Earth’s surface has been evolving through … Continue reading

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Cost-Saving Strategies for Water Utilities – Forester Network

Please note that the article Cost-Saving Strategies for Water Utilities – Forester Network was written by Carol Brzozowski for March 10, 2017. Water utility operators face many financial hardships these days. Today, cash-strapped utilities are challenged to deliver optimal levels of service while saving … Continue reading

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Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination

I have just received open access articles from the Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination, Volume 7 No. 1, which are listed below.   Impact of pre-treatment technologies on soil aquifer treatment A. Besançon, M. Pidou, P. Jeffrey, B. Jefferson, … Continue reading

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Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016

Okay guys I have just received a digital copy of the Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016 from a member of staff. This document has been published by the Water Integrity Network Association (WIN) under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License … Continue reading

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