WMO Bulletin Volume 65 No. 1 2016

The newest issue of the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) Bulletin Volume 65 Issue 1 is now available in digital format.

Articles presented in this issue discuss topics such as World Meteorological Day 2016, sustainable development, disaster displacement and climate change, climate predictability and early warning systems among other related topics.

Persons wishing to view this document can either visit me at my desk or send me an email.

WMO Bulletin Vol. 65 Issue 1

Forthcoming Title from IWA

The International Water Association has just informed me about one of their forthcoming titles -: “Handbook of Environmental Odour” edited by Franz-Bernd Frechen et al.

Handbook of Environmental Odour Management


This text which comprises of 450 pages would be especially helpful due to instances whereby industries such as  wastewater treatment, waste management, landfills, intensive livestock and other notable industries have been established in closer proximity to residents, therefore creating a nuisance to one’s community. As such this text would be an invaluable tool in terms of integrated odour impact management approaches and alleviating such a problem and maintaining a positive relationship with community members.

More information on this document is available at Handbook of Environmental Odour Management.

Water Well Journal -September 2016

We have been able to successfully download our digital copy of the Water Well Journal for September 2016 (Volume 70 No. 9).

In this issue one may find information on relevant heavy equipment that can be recommended for use in the field of well drilling, as well as, the importance of communication among contractors and the issue of noise pollution within the workplace among other important articles.

For persons wishing to view this issue you can visit me at my desk or send me an email.

Water Well Journal September 2016

P.S. With regards to the previous post,in which I stated I was unable to download outstanding journals due to network problems, I am pleased to say that I have been able to download these successfully. Thus copies of the journal for May, June, July and August, are now available and can be shared.

State of the Marine Environment Trinidad and – 2016

I am pleased to announce that we have received our copy of the Institute of Marine Affairs’ (IMA) State of the Marine Environment Trinidad and Tobago for 2016, and it has been processed and catalogued.

A visually appealing document, with illustrations and maps, which presents information that is supported by scientific research, one can find details on various types of pollution, different types of marine environments, emerging issues, as well as, policy intervention.

For those interested in reading the full report you can visit me at my desk or send me an email.