Free Online courses on MOOC

When you are in a company where  training is limited due to a lack of funding, or even if you are the type of person who knows the benefits of continued education, you can definitely take a look at the MOOC website.

Through this website person have an opportunity to enroll for courses offered by various universities around the world, for free, with some providers offering course completion certificates and exams at a fee.

For those of you interested in this website you can learn more at the following link About Mooc

If you want to take part in this initiative you can also check out the website’s home page and browse through their list of providers and categories or by university/entity to find a course that’s right for you and your educational goals at MOOC LIST

Open Access and You

Open Access simply means access to all. However, just because authors provide publishers with the access to their work, does not mean that those works are available for free in all cases. In most cases, one would either have to be a member of the site offering open access documents or at least have to pay a minimal fee to have full access to the relevant information.

However, open access still allows persons to see what’s out there in terms of academic, scientific and peer-reviewed information, thus, making their research easier, in that, they would know what is available for a particular study.

Although, our company does not have access to any one particular repository or subscription provider in terms of online access to journal articles and even e-books, there are avenues that those with the required resources can use to find information to assist in their research. Thus, if you have a personal credit card and are able to pay those minimal fees for open access, or even if you are lucky to come across articles  that are ‘self-archived’ and offered for free there are certain tools available in the form of websites to help you.

These tools include:

  1. Directory of Open Access Journals which allows the visibility  and ease of use for scientific and scholarly journals.
  2. Directory of Open Access Books where one can view information about open access books, read abstracts, purchase books and even in some case have free access to digital copies of the books.
  3. OpenDOAR – Directory of Open Access Repositories which is an authoritative directory on open access repositories, informing persons about open access repositories, their contents and even their statistics.

I do hope that such tools assist members of staff positively in their search for scholarly information and allow them to produce work of the best quality. Happy reading 🙂

Caribbean Strives to Protect Coastal and Marine Ecosystems


Coral colony off the Rosario Islands, Colombia | Photo: EFE Coral colony off the Rosario Islands, Colombia | Photo: EFE

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is partnering with a number of governments as it strives to help boost the resilience of member states to climate change. 

The CARICOM region, with its 15 islands, is considered one of the world’s most important areas of biodiversity. The region is now moving fast towards the sustainable management of both marine areas and coastal resources.

A new partnership between CARICOM and the German government involves the protection of these precious resources from the impacts of climate change.

“Our story is about how we were able to set the boundaries in terms of the fisheries reserve. You realise now as ecotourism, as the product developed, we have more users of the area. We need to protect the reef. We need to protect the fisheries industry,” says Anthony Charles, representative of the Soufriere Marine Management Agency. That body is responsible…

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When the Rastaman Speaks: Climate Change and Food Security


Dizzanne Billy, 24, is President of theCaribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) inTrinidad and Tobago, where she works in the areas of education and public awareness on a number of environment and development issues. She is a climate tracker withAdopt-A-Negotiator and a young advocate for climate change action.

“Rastaman ah (is) the usual suspect.”– Prophet Benjamin

Discrimination is not uncommon in the Caribbean. But Carus John-Bejai is breaking the mold. At 23, this rastaman is flying through a PhD at the University of Nottingham, hoping to shed critical insight for Trinidad’s farmers in a changing climate.

Carus has always been intrigued by plants. Following the support from his parents, he began to see his love for plants as a way of “improving the living standards of not only those who rely directly on the sector but of the global population as a whole.”

Big words for such a…

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Rainfall and Temperature Outlook for Trinidad and Tobago

Have you been wondering why it’s so warm during the night for the past few weeks or so? Well, wonder no more. According to the Met Office’s Rainfall and Temperature Outlook for Trinidad and Tobago, this has been a result of wetter than average rainfall being favored and more clouds being present which allows heat to be trapped near the ground during the night.

I always knew that when rain fell, the atmosphere would be more humid but I really didn’t think about it affecting night time temperatures though.

For those of you wishing to view the “Rainfall and Temperature Outlook for Trinidad and Tobago” issued May 25 2015 by the Meteorological Organization of Trinidad and Tobago, if you haven’t already, to get an idea of the impacts, responses and likely outcomes you can view it by clicking the following link Rainfall and Temperature Outlook for Trinidad and Tobago.

I do hope that the outlook enlightens you as it has me and assists you in keeping informed about such matters.

Water Well Journal September 2015

We have just received our digital edition of the Water Well Journal for September 2015. In this issue, the focus is on water conservation and green technology. Thus, one can find articles on designs for drought and climate change, criteria for material selection for building wells, saving water for a drier day, poor water pressure, engineering controls, as well as, an article on being safe in the workplace and work ethics.

Additional topics highlighted in this issue include the Groundwater Expo, featured products and related news of the National Ground Water Association.

Image of Water Well Journal September 2015
Image of Water Well Journal September 2015

Persons wishing to view this journal can either email me or visit me at my desk. 🙂