Drought Conditions and Possible Solutions

For many of you that have been following the news, you may have heard about the use of “shade balls” in the Los Angeles Reservoir in a water saving effort.

If not you can read an article by AccuWeather on the initiative at the following link Shade Balls in Los Angeles Reservoir to Save 300 Million Gallons of Water Annually.

With many other countries experiencing drought conditions many have contemplated adopting such an initiative which is expected to save water, as well as, protect the quality of the water and slow algae growth.

Yet, not everyone are sold on the idea with some even seeing future detrimental impacts as noted in an article by Janice Kaspersen in  a post uploaded on the Stormwater Weekly cleverly titled “A Shady Plan to Save Scarce Water”.

Persons wishing to view this post, which may help them being better informed in making their plans for saving water, can view it at the following link A Shady Plan To Save Scarce Water.

Have you been aware of this initiative? What are your thoughts on the idea? Do you think this idea would work for your country?

Author: WRLibrarian

Currently employed with the Water and Sewerage Authority at the Water Resources Agency, I have created this blog to provide an online presence for the Agency's library. The purpose of this blog would be to inform staff about library related activities, as well as, relevant information that can have an impact on the Agency's operation.

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