Rainwater – A Ready Resource When Available

While attending a recent symposium I was pleased to see that the Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C), advocated the use of rainwater through rainwater harvesting.

Although, many persons may have ideas of archaic structures and models for rainwater harvesting, organizations such as the Global Water Partnership- Caribbean (GWP-C) have made it their business to inform persons about the benefits of rainwater harvesting, which is not only about maintaining a ready supply but also ensuring the sustainability of the watersheds.

Persons wishing to learn more about rainwater harvesting from GWP-C, can either check out their Rainwater Harvesting Model at the following link Rainwater Harvesting Model or collect the relevant information provided in their Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox at Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox .

Forester Media recently provided me with a free report on “Conserving Water With Rainwater Harvesting: Preventing Pollution with Green Infrastructure”. The basis of this document is to apply a watershed approach to rain and stormwater. As such, the document discusses the capture of rainwater for on-site use, as well as, green infrastructure that makes it possible to return rain and stormwater to the soil and into groundwater.

This document is a short one at 9 pages and provides a clear, succinct way for persons to gather relevant information on the topic.

Additionally, one is also provided with links to allow for further reading.

Persons wishing to view this document can either send me an email or visit me at my desk. 🙂


About WRlibrarian

Currently employed with the Water and Sewerage Authority at the Water Resources Agency, I have created this blog to provide an online presence for the Agency's library. This purpose of this blog would be to inform staff about library related activities, as well as, relevant information that can have an impact on the Agency's operation.
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