Water Policy Volume 17 Number 1 2015

We have just received another issue of the Water Policy journal, the official journal of the World Water Council.

This issue provides readers with articles which discuss topics such as risk calculation for global flood risk, water affordability, integration in water management, groundwater management, seawater, wastewater recycling, urban water supply, green infrastructure for flood risk, urban flood and global perspectives on the UN Watercourses Convention 2014.

Some of these topics are highlighted in certain countries, which provide persons in the water sector with reliable examples for issues and potential solutions, not to mention the dissemination of information on possible trends.

Water Policy Journal - Volume 17 Number 1 2015

Water Policy Journal – Volume 17 Number 1 2015

Persons wishing to borrow this document can either send me an email or check me at my desk. 🙂