World Water Day 2018

With World Water Day 2018 fast approaching (March 22 2018), this year’s theme “Nature for Water” would highlight ways in which nature can be used to solve water-based challenges in the 21st century through nature-based solutions.

Do any ideas come to mind on how your organization can take action? Have you started planning for the big day?

Whether or not plans are already being put in place, one can go to the World Water Day 2018 homepage to read stories, get inspired, organize events using resources from the website or even to communicate with others in the global community.



WWD 2018 Poster Source:


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Listening for Leaks

We all know how awful non-revenue water loss is, with customers and the utility experiencing little benefits from water lost through leaks, since it is a precious commodity needed by customers, as well as, the service which the utility is charged to provide.

In the article highlighted below, published by Lori Lovely on February 21, 2018, under the topic of  water in Forester Daily News, as well as, in the Water Efficiency magazine, by Forester Media, one gets detailed information on acoustic leak detection.

Acoustic Leak Detection-
The latest developments to assist in listening for leaks

Leaks are money, states Eric Stacey, product manager for advanced leak detection solutions at Echologics. Money not just down the drain, but right out the drain! Lost water involves costs for treatment and conveyance that never result in revenue, and further expense is incurred in leak detection and pipeline repair.

You can read the rest of the article here, as well as, leave your comments on the topic.

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The Challenges of Drought Prediction

The article below, by Zengchao Hao, published on 16 February 2018,  discusses the challenges that still exist in terms of drought forecasting despite the many advancements in the field.

Source: The Challenges of Drought Prediction

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8th World Water Forum

The 8th World Water Forum, organized by the World Water Council and the Government of Brazil, would be held from March 18th 2018 – March 23rd 2018.

The World Water Forum is the world’s biggest water-related event that brings together all those interested in the theme of water.

With the overall aim “to promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water issues at all levels, to facilitate the efficient conservation, protection, development, planning, management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis for the benefit of all life on Earth”.

The World Water Forum contributes to the dialogue of the decision-making process on water at the global level, seeking to achieve the rational and sustainable use of this resource.

For more information on this year’s  World Water Forum one can view the webpage at 8th World Water Forum

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How Not to End Up Like Cape Town

Janice Kaspersen, editor of the Stormwater Magazine highlights Cape Town’s impending water crisis and some projects that other cities in the Unites States are implementing in order to ensure that such a crisis does not overtake them in the article provided below. You can even comment on your own ideas to prevent such a crisis after reading the article.


How Not to End Up Like Cape Town


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Safe Practice in the Groundwater Industry: An NGWA Certificate Program (#1014)

Course overview​

​This NGWA online, on-demand certificate program addresses ways to improve safety in the workplace.

Historically there are three major loss areas in the groundwater industry:

  • Materials handling
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Electrocution/electrical hazards.

This course addresses these three specific areas with the intent to:

  • Inform employees of the hazards
  • Increase awareness of the hazards
  • Provide guidance on immediate actions to mitigate threats to safety.

Who will benefit from taking this course?

  • Field technicians
  • Geothermal contractors
  • Pump installation contractors
  • Safety officers
  • Site managers
  • Water well drilling contractors
  • Water well suppliers.

Earning a certificate

When enrollees have completed all of the lessons, they will be able to take a 25-question test. Those who pass the test can then download their certificate. The entire process, including the test, takes approximately three hours.

The cost of this online course is $99 US dollars (for members) and $149 US dollars for non-members.

Persons interested in this course can follow the link to register and get more information in terms of presenters, course outline and other relevant course information.

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Earth, Space and Science News – February 2018

The latest issue of the EOS Earth & Space Science News magazine published by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) is now available for perusal.

This issue presents information on topics such as climate change forecasting, modeling Beijing’s water crisis, changing rainfall patterns, Alaskan earthquakes, warmer Arctic temperatures, coastal zone change, geophysical maps and more relevant American Geophysical Union (AGU) news.

Earth & Space Science News February, 2018

Cover of Earth & Space Science News Magazine for February, 2018

Persons wishing to view this issue can email me or check me at my desk.

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Phosphorus Pollution Reaching Dangerous Levels Worldwide

Humans are often the culprits of major polluters such as industrial , agricultural and domestic waste that fills the major water sources around the world. One such source of pollution is phosphorous pollution that scientists have determined to be reaching dangerous levels worldwide. Read the article below (which was issued as a press release by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) on 25th January, 2018), to get an idea about this growing issue and find out whether the earth would be able to cope.


Source: Phosphorus Pollution Reaching Dangerous Levels Worldwide

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10 million…

Ten (10) million (let’s let that number soak in a little bit)…ten (10) million people, i.e. now have access to safe water and sanitation through the work of and the many who have contributed to their cause.

To get an idea of the numbers reached, as well as, to meet ten of the ten million people who have been able to access safe water and sanitation follow the 10 million link.

Persons interested in donating to the cause can just click on donate to be redirected to the relevant page.


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